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Professor Michel Chouteau welcomed as new Director

The Board of the Foundation is very pleased to welcome Michel Chouteau, distinguished professor in geophysics at the École Polytechnque in Montréal, to serve as Director in view of his broad technical, institutional and geographic background and perspectives, which will materially help advance the Foundation's programs.

Near-Record 24 Geophysics Scholarships Awarded for 2017/18

July 11, 2017

Scholarship Receipients 2017

The Directors of the KEGS Foundation are very pleased to announce the awarding of a near record twenty-four scholarships totalling more than $18,000 to twelve undergraduate and twelve graduate students in geophysics at twelve Canadian universities for the forthcoming academic year (2017/18).

These awards mark the eighteenth year of the KEGS Foundation’s scholarship program directed at fostering the education of future geophysicists in Canada. The large number of recipients and the increased scholarship awards for 2017/18 reflects the number of well qualified applicants and the evident financial need due to the ongoing lacklustre economic conditions in the resource sector, which has led many students to pursue MSc degrees on completing their undergraduate studies. We are appreciative of the continued strong financial support of the Foundation by the geophysical and exploration community across Canada, buoyed by a recent modest strengthening of overall activity in the mineral resource industry, which has enabled a positive response by the Foundation to these changing circumstances.

In addition to funding the scholarship program, intensified fundraising efforts are continuing to enable provision of supplementary travel bursaries to help awardees attend relevant geophysical symposia organized by KEGS and the BCGS.

The twelve undergraduate recipients of KEGS Foundation scholarships for 2017/18 are:

Jules Fournier and Laura Paquet, École Polytechnique

Louisa Murray-Bergquist, University of Toronto

Alison Martin {R}, Robert Caird and Madeline Calvert (WAMIC Scholarship), Queen’s University

Norman Shieh {R}, University of Waterloo

Naethen Parthiban and Trent Piaralall, University of Saskatchewan

Kathleen McLean, University of Alberta

Kevin Fan and Meghan Sharp, University of British Columbia (BCGS Scholarships)

The twelve graduate recipients awarded KEGS Foundation scholarships for 2017/18 principally comprise the following nine MSc candidates:

Adama Dieye and Adrian Dimech, École Polytechnique

Robert Wu, McGill University

Christopher Brown and Carolyn Chen (CGG Scholarship), Carleton University

Élyse Gaudreau, University of Ottawa (GSC Pioneers Scholarship)

Oday Dabboor, Queen's University

Meryem Berrada {R}, Western University

Todd Leblanc, University of Saskatchewan

The three PhD candidates who have been awarded scholarships for the upcoming academic year are:

Xueping Dai, Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (KEGS Pioneers Scholarship)

Sara McPeak {R}, Carleton University

Maxime Salman {R}, University of Waterloo (Limion Scholarship)

The amount of each scholarship awarded ranges from $500 to $1,500, determined by the recipient's merit and need, available funds, and the Foundation's principal objective of supporting undergraduate education. The recipients of specific endowed scholarships are noted above, and renewals of prior awards indicated by {R}. Summaries of the research projects being undertaken by the graduate awardees will be posted on the Foundation's website.

In addition, thanks to continuing generous support by KEGS, all of the above awardees will also receive a free KEGS membership entitling them to fully subsidized participation at a KEGS Geophysical Breakfast and at the annual KEGS Symposium during the upcoming academic year. All recipients will also be strongly encouraged to participate in KEGS and/or BCGS meetings or other local professional societies, and in other relevant geophysical meetings or symposia. Depending on need and the Foundation’s resources, additional assistance with travel expenses up to $250 may be provided to facilitate recipients’ participation at relevant KEGS or BCGS events. (Several additional applicants who did not receive scholarships are also designated as eligible for this travel support to attend KEGS or BCGS events.)

It is anticipated that the majority of the scholarship awards will be presented this fall in conjunction with Special Lectures on relevant geophysical topics to be arranged by the Foundation at the various universities.

The Directors extend their best wishes to all the above recipients for further success in their studies and future careers, as well as our gratitude for the continuing support of the Foundation and its scholarship program by the Canadian exploration and geophysical community, including major support by KEGS and the BCGS, as well as recent very generous donations by Lamontagne Geophysics and by Phoenix Geophysics for the continuing matching donation program (see website for further details).

We look forward to meeting the latest KEGS Foundation awardees at various upcoming meetings, symposia and KEGS Special Lectures.

Jerry Roth, Chair (Tel: 416-449-2226)

Stephen Reford, Vice-Chair (Tel: 416-368-2888)



Download the 2017 Scholarship Awards
announcement in PDF format.


Download the 2017 Scholarship Awards
announcement in PDF format (French version).

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