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Veterans Luncheon - October 23, 2017

See Veterans' Luncheon Recap

2017 Scholarship Presentations

Scholarship recipient Norman Shieh (U of Waterloo) and Foundation Chair Jerry Roth

Scholarship recipient Maxime Salman (U of Waterloo) and Foundation Chair Jerry Roth

KEGS-Ottawa Meeting Nov 21: Presentation of GSC Pioneers Scholarship to Élyse Gaudreau, U of Ottawa, by Peter Hood, GSC Pioneer

BCGS meeting Nov 16: BCGS Scholarships to Kevin Fan & Meghan Sharp, UBC, by Dennis Woods, Director

Veteran Luncheon Scholarship Presentation
Receiving their awards at Veterans' Luncheon on Oct 23: (L to R) XuePing Dai, (UQAT); Louisa Murray-Bergquist (UofT); Trent Piarallal, Naethen Parthiban and Todd Leblanc (USask),vwith KF Vice-Chair Stephen Reford

2017 KEGS Foundation Fall Mini-Symposium

Presenters: Dan DiFrancesco, Lockheed-Martin; Jean Legault,, Geotech, Organizer & KF Director; Max Salman*, UWaterloo; Roger Wallis, Sr. Consultant; Oday Dabboor*, Queens; Meryem Berrada*, UWO; Adam Smiarowski, CGG Airborne; Rob Hearst, Quantec (*2017 KF scholarship recipient)

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