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Jerry Roth, M.A. (Chair)
President, Stratagex Ltd.
Toronto, ON
Tel: (416) 449-2226
Fax: (416) 493-2422

Peter Kowalczyk, P.Geo.
President, Ocean Floor Geophysics
North Vancouver, BC
Tel: +1 (778) 654 7781

Luise Sander
President, Sander Geophysics
Ottawa, ON
Tel: (613) 521-9626

Chris Nind, B.Sc.
Sr. Consultant, Chair EX'17 and KEGS Past President
Oakville, ON

Dennis Woods, Ph.D.
President, Discovery International Geophysics
Surrey, BC
Tel: (604) 538-0954

Stephen Reford, M.Sc. (Vice-Chair)
President, PGW
Toronto, ON
Tel: (416) 368-2888

Jean Legault, M.Sc.
Manager, Interpretation, Geotech
Aurora, ON
Tel: (905) 841-5004

Laurie Reed, B.A Sc.
Geophysical Consultant
Rockwood, ON
Tel: (905) 854-0438

Michel Chouteau, Ph.D.
Professor, École Polytechnique
Montréal, QC

Founding and Emeriti Directors

Dr. Harold O. Seigel (d. 2011)
Chairman (Retd.), Scintrex Ltd.

Dr. Douglas C. Fraser
President (Retd.), Dighem Ltd.

Dr. Yves Lamontagne
President, Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd.

Dr. Richard Bailey
Professor, Dept of Physics, University of Toronto


*Directors are elected annually at the Foundation's AGM held immediately following the annual KEGS Breakfast in March in conjunction with the annual PDAC Convention in Toronto.

**The KEGS Past President serves as an additional Director.

For more information about the KEGS Foundation or the Canadian Exploration Geophysicists Society (KEGS), please contact any of the above.

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