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The KEGS Special Lecture program was established in 2012 by the KEGS Foundation with the collaboration of KEGS as an enduring and appropriate means of honouring the late Dr. James (Jim) Wright (1941-2010) for his long and productive career as an educator and mentor at Memorial University, as an exploration geophysicist fostering and advancing geophysical exploration in Newfoundland and Labrador and its continental shelf, as well as for his long service as a Counselor with the KEGS Foundation.

The intent of the KEGS SL program is to offer a series of special lectures, primarily at universities, by highly experienced industry geophysicists and noted university researchers who are involved in mineral exploration or related fields with expertise in a particular niche in the large matrix of techniques and applications, and who can therefore provide students, faculty and other attendees with insights and knowledge in areas of geophysics outside of that provided by the often limited suite of geophysics courses offered by a particular department or university.

The program also serves to improve awareness of students and faculty about KEGS, the KEGS Foundation, and their collective efforts to foster advances in geophysical technology, applications and education, notably via the Foundation’s long-established, Canada-wide geophysics scholarship program. The lectures are often scheduled to coincide with presentation of scholarships and book prizes awarded by the KEGS Foundation, at times and locations that are mutually convenient.

In order to achieve a low-cost format mandated by limited available funds, the KEGS SL program seeks to take advantage of a ‘cloud’ of recognized experts located across Canada who are available for an appropriate occasion and on reasonable notice to offer a range of talks, principally in their region. To date, KEGS Special Lectures have been given at the University of Toronto, Western, Laurentian, École Polytechnique, Memorial, Queen’s and Carleton, with upcoming talks in early 2015 slated for McGill and the University of Alberta.

Most appropriately, in view of the underlying motivation to honour Jim Wright, the initial lecture was given at Memorial University in early 2013 by Jim’s son Richard Wright, Chief Geophysicist with NALCOR in St. John’s, who offered an overview of the oil and gas potential of offshore Newfoundland and Labrador indicated by recent geophysical exploration.

Among the speakers and topics that are currently available (subject to schedules and location) are:

Peter Annan, CEO, Sensors & Software, S. Ontario
Near-surface Geophysics: Advances, Challenges & Opportunities
> See poster with details.
Mel Best, Sr. Consultant, Victoria:
Geophysical Applications for Oil Sands Evaluation and Development;
Integrated Geophysical Investigation for Regional Groundwater, NE BC
Michel Chouteau, Professor, École Polytechnique:
Advances in MT and CSAMT instrumentation and applications;
Geophysical Mapping and monitoring of salt water threats on the Magdalen Islands, QC (disponisble aussi en français) > See poster with details.
Vince Gerrie, President, DGI Geoscience, Toronto:
Optimizing Integration of Geology and Geophysics via Multivariate Analysis of Borehole Log Data > See poster with details.
Greg Hodges, Sr. Geophysicist, Sander Geophysics, Ottawa:
Voodoo Geophysics: Suspect systems and bizarre claims
Alan King, Sr. Consultant, Sudbury:
The Role of Gescience and Technology Advances (and Occasional Luck) in Recent Deep Ore Deposit Discoveries > See poster with details.
Peter Kowalczyk, Pres., Ocean Floor Geophysics, N.Vancouver:
Innovations in geophysical exploration for minerals, hydrates and hydrocarbons in the deep ocean > See poster with details.
Jean Legault, Chief Geophysicist (Interpretation), Geotech, S. Ontario:
VTEM and ZTEM surveys for VMS and porphyry targets (disponible aussi en français);
Advances in AEM: Understanding IP Effects in Time-domain EM Data > See poster with details.
Bruce McMonnies, Senior Geophysicist, Lamontagne Geophysics:
Integrated Geophysical Exploration for Diamonds
Chris Nind, Sr, Consultant and Chair, Exploration '17, Toronto:
A Flea on a Whale: Advances, Challenges and Opportunities in Gravity Applications > See poster with details.
Laurie Reed, Sr. Geophysical Consultant, S. Ontario:
An Overview of Geophysical Exploration for Base Metal Deposits
Bill Scott, Sr. Consultant, Barrie, ON:
Oops! There goes another mis-interpreted IP inversion! (A cautionary case history) > See poster with details.
Ted Urbancic, Pres. ESG, Kingston, ON:
Microseismic Applications for Oil and Gas Development
Garnet Wood, Chief Geophysicist, Cameco Corp., Saskatoon:
Geophysical Exploration for Unconformity-related Uranium Deposits: History, Recent Discoveries, Outlook
Dennis Woods, President, Discovery International Geophysics:
Recent Geophysical Advances for Mineral Exploration > See poster with details.
Dr. Richard Wright, Chief Geophysicist, NALCOR, St. John’s:
Overview of oil and gas potential of offshore NL indicated by recent exploration and development
Alan Jones, President, Complete MT Solutions:
Thoughts of an MT mind: Natural source EM methods for resource exploration

We welcome inquiries from institutions and groups who would like to arrange an event featuring one of the above-indicated speakers and topics (subject to availability and a mutually convenient schedule). We also encourage additional financial contributions to help sustain this important program honouring Jim Wright, along with suggestions for and offers of additional speakers and topics.

Thanks for your interest and support,

Jerry Roth, Chair

Stephen Reford, Vice-Chair

Special Lectures 2018

Oct 22: Queen's University (Miller Hall Rm 210, 2:30pm): Dennis Woods, Discovery International Geophysics – "Advances in Ground & Borehole Geophysics for Mineral Exploration & Engineering". See poster

Nov 8: Polytechnique Montreal (Salle C-632 du pavillon, 12:30pm): Dr. Pascal Audet, Université d‘Ottawa – "Méthodes microsismiques pour la surveillance des opérations minières et du stockage de CO2". See poster

Nov 21: University of Manitoba (Wallace Building, Rm 315, 11:30am): Chris Nind, Abitibi Geophysics"A Flea on a Camel: Advances, Challenges and Opportunities in Gravity Applications for Resource Discovery & Characterization". See poster

Nov 23: University of Victoria (Elliott Building Rm 160, 3pm): Dr. Jan Francke, Groundradar Inc. – "Ground Penetrating Radar: Principles, Applications & Advances". See poster

Nov 27: University of Calgary (Building A Sciences, Rm 109, Noon): Dennis Woods, Discovery International Geophysics – "Advances in Ground & Borehole Geophysics for Mineral Exploration & Engineering". See poster

Nov 29: University of Alberta (Centennial Centre of Interdisciplinary Studies, Rm L1-047, 2:10pm): Dr. Jan Francke, Groundradar Inc. – "Ground Penetrating Radar: Principles, Applications & Advances". See poster

Nov 30: University of Saskatchewan (Geology Building, Rm 155, 3:30pm): Dennis Woods, Discovery International Geophysics – "Advances in Ground & Borehole Geophysics for Mineral Exploration & Engineering". See poster

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