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Details of 24 scholarship awards to be provided shortly: With the beginning of the new academic year, letters will be forwarded shortly to the recipients with the details of the 24 scholarships totaling more than $18,000 announced in July and posted on Foundation website. Note that recipients are also eligible for additional benefits, including free KEGS membership and support for travel expenses to attend KEGS and BCGS events during the academic year.

KEGS Special Lecture program: Efforts are underway to renew the KEGS Special Lecture program at 10-12 universities in the fall, to accompany presentation of the majority of scholarships, as in prior years. Details of specific lectures and related scholarship presentations will be announced on the Foundation's website as they are arranged.

Geophysical veterans' luncheon Oct 23: Taking advantage of the global convergence of attendees at Exploration '17 (Oct 21-27) in Toronto, arrangements have been made to hold a special luncheon saluting geophysical veterans and pioneers on Monday October 23 at The Overdraught resto/pub (conveniently located at 156 Front St. W across from the Convention Centre), to include recognition of key donors and an update on recent Foundation activities and major developments. Details of the event (12-2pm) and the buffet menu can be found in the posted invitation. In view of venue limits, early (discounted) reservations are encouraged to ensure participation at this unique gathering; this can be readily done using the PayPal process accessible via the home page of the Foundation's website. Note that an additional discount is available to geophysical veterans (65 and over).

Exploration '17 (Oct 21-27): It is anticipated that all Directors, along with many Counselors, will be attending part or all of Exploration '17 and its related workshops. The pro-bono contributions by various Directors to the organization of Ex'17 are appreciatively acknowledged, as well as the scheduled presentations by a number of prior scholarship recipients. All Directors are expected to take part in this important decennial conference. Scholarship recipients and other interested students are reminded that they can attend the conference and the various related workshops at a major discount to the regular registration cost, and thereby benefit not only from the presentations and exhibitors, but also the networking opportunities with the global exploration community.

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