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Renewal of Scholarship program for 2019/20

Based on recent and anticipated donations and income from endowments, the Foundation expects to renew its core scholarship program for the coming academic year (2019/20) at a level comparable to the current year (19 scholarships totaling $18,000).

In addition, the Foundation expects to renew the award of the recently established Collett Graduate Scholarship and the Collett Distinguished Lectureship for 2019/20, and likely seek proposals for research endeavours that would be funded via the Collett Research Fellowship.

Renewal of the scholarship program (including the Collett Graduate Scholarship) was formally announced in early February, accompanied by emailing of updated poster and application information to all relevant university departments.

Other relevant future geoscience meetings and events

For information on relevant future geoscience meetings, seminars, conferences and other events, please consult appropriate websites for the KEGS, B.C. Geophysical Society, CSEG, AEMQ, PDAC, CGU, GAC, SEG and university departments. For an overview of future geoscience talks and events in the greater Toronto area, including KEGS, TGDG, CIM MES and UofT ESD, please check out the GTA GeoEvents Calendar.

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