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  • Presentation of record: 27 scholarships awarded for 2020/21: The Foundation is in the process of arranging for virtual scholarship presentations of the record 27 scholarships totalling $24,000 for 2020/21 awarded tp 20 undergrads, 4 MSc students and 3 PhD candidates attending 12 Canadian universities, as announced in July. Most awards will be presented in conjunction with KEGS and BCGS webinars and related special events. An initial virtual scholarship presentation to Yufei Chen, 4th year undergrad in the Earth Sciences Dept at the UofT, has been organized in conjunction with the KEGS virtual meeting on October 13. Details of further presentations will be announced when arranged.

  • Adapting to COVID-19 pandemic: The KEGS Foundation, after pivoting abruptly in mid-March from previously announced programs and initiatives, continues to focus on ways to assist current scholarship recipients and other students to continue with their geophysical education in the "new normal". With the strong likelihood that all professional events and meetings will continue to be entirely virtual through the first quarter of 2021, the Foundation is converting previously announced travel bursaries for scholarship recipients to assistance with student registration at relevant conventions, notably SEG, Xplor Quebec, Quebec Mines, AME RoundUp and PDAC Conferences. Details will be communicated as arrangements for specific meetings are finalized.

  • Student outreach: The Foundation is increasing efforts to develop more sustained contacts with current awardees, spearheaded by Skyler Mallozzi, a recent KF scholarship recipients, along with collaborating with KEGS in developing an enhanced social media presence to strengthen awareness by and communications with the current generation of media-savvy students.

  • Donations and fundraising efforts: Now that exploration has revived somewhat after its nearly complete collapse in April due to the pandemic and the related major reduction in regular donations, the Foundation is encouraging individuals and companies to renew past support to sustain the Foundation's core scholarship program at recent levels. Individual donors are reminded that they can double the impact of their tax-deductible donations by taking advantage of the continuing matching donation program generously funded by Phoenix Geophysics (individual donations are eligible to be matched up to $250 per year; see details).

Other relevant future geoscience meetings and events

The calendar below shows key global geophysics and exploration meetings in the next 4-6 months, now almost entirely transformed into virtual events, facilitating global participation. Additional details on relevant future geoscience meetings, seminars, conferences and other events, please consult appropriate websites for the KEGS, B.C. Geophysical Society, CSEG, AEMQ, PDAC, CGU, GAC, SEG and university departments. Further details on future geoscience events in the Greater Toronto Area, including KEGS, KEGS Foundation, TGDG, CIM Toronto, Ore Deposit Hub, UofT Earth Sciences Dept, CGCS and School of the Environment, can be found on the GTA GeoEvents Calendar.

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