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December 4 – KEGS Foundation Fall Mini Symposium
Geophysical Smorgasbord – Airborne and Ground Methods: Advances & Applications. See poster and program.

Student registration is free – please email to confirm attendance.

December 4 – KEGS Xmas Party
To attend the KEGS Xmas Party, please register here.

Geophysics plays a vital role in the renewal of key global resources. As the principal technological forum for Canadian mining geophysics, KEGS (The Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society) has become increasingly concerned about:

  • Significant decline in geophysics enrollment in Canada;
  • Shrinking geoscience departments; and
  • Reduced government support.

These concerns are heightened by the fact that in the new millenium increased global resource utilization and other critical geoscience issues (e.g., environmental problems and earthquake mitigation) will inevitably require additional innovative and knowledgeable geophysicists.

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The KEGS Foundation

To help address these concerns, the KEGS Foundation was established in 1999 with the principal objectives of:

  1. Providing scholarships to support education in geophysics* in Canadian universities;
  2. Commemorating the achievements of the current generation of Canadian geophysicists whose contributions include many technological advances and resource discoveries; and
  3. Educating the public (especially high school students) about the role of geophysics and related career opportunities.

The KEGS Foundation is guided by nine volunteer Directors, consisting of eight senior geophysicists, plus the KEGS Past President. The Foundation is also advised by a distinguished panel of fifteen geophysicists from diverse organizations and regions across Canada who serve as Counselors, ensuring that the Foundation obtains input from the various sectors and interested parties, and in turn effectively communicates its scholarship program and other educational activities to universities, students, geophysical service companies and resource corporations across Canada.

How You Can Help

Many of us recall with pride and gratitude receiving scholarship support for our university studies, benefiting from significant contributions by previous generations. Your contribution will help the KEGS Foundation sustain these opportunities for future generations. By completing and mailing the Donation Form today, you can help us build a bridge to the future. To contribute...

KEGS Foundation Update,
November 3, 2018
  • Nineteen regular scholarships awarded to 12 undergraduates and 7 MSc candidates for 2018/19: As announced in July, the Foundation has awarded scholarships to 12 undergraduate and 7 MSc students at eight Canadian universities for 2018/19. See announcement here.

  • Scholarship presentations: Scholarship awards were presented at the BCGS Symposium on Oct 12 to the two UBC recipients, the KEGS Special Lecture by Dennis Woods at Queens on Oct 22 (three awards), and at the KEGS-Ottawa meeting on Oct 23 to two Carleton awardees. Other presentations are scheduled at École Polytechnique Montréal (Nov 8), KEGS-Ottawa meeting (Nov 20), UVic (Nov 23), UCalgary (Nov 27), UAlberta (Nov 29) and at UofT (Dec 4) in conjunction with KEGS Special Lectures or other KEGS or Foundation events.

  • KEGS Special Lectures: The first Special Lecture for 2018/19 has been presented by Dennis Woods at Queens on Oct 22, with further lectures scheduled on Nov 8 at EPM (Pascal Audet) (see poster), Nov 21 at UManitoba (Chris Nind), Nov 23 at UVic (Jan Francke), Nov 27 at UCalgary (Dennis Woods), Nov 29 at UAlberta (Jan Francke), Nov 30 at USask (Dennis Woods) and March 1 at UWO (Ted Urbancic), in most cases in conjunction with scholarship presentations. Many thanks are extended to the volunteer lecturers for their generous participation in this important program.

  • Collett Graduate Scholarship: After considering a number of impressive applicants, Stephen Mosher, PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa, has been selected as the inaugural recipient of the Len and Genice Collett Graduate Scholarship, established as part of the major legacy gift by Len and Genice Collett, for a doctoral candidate showing particular promise of making a significant contribution to advancing geophysics. Five other applicants of notable achievement and promise have been designated as Finalists. Stephen will receive his award on present a talk on his PhD research in ocean-bottom seismology at the KEGS-Ottawa meeting on Dec 18.

  • Collett Distinguished Visiting Lecturer: After considering a number of noteworthy candidates around the world, the Foundation has selected Dr. James Macnae of RMIT University in Australia as the inaugural lecturer for the Len and Genice Collett Distinguished Visiting Lectureship in Geophysics, to be hosted by the Earth Sciences Dept. at the UofT next March, with two lectures and a short course scheduled, as well as a talk on March 29 in Vancouver. Further details can be found under Events.

  • Collett Research Fellowship at the GSC: The Directors have selected Dr. Pejman Shamsipour of Montreal for the inaugural Collett Research Fellowship position with the GSC, focused on developing enhanced constrained 3D inversion of potential field data. (For details see announcement here.) Dr. Shamispour commenced his software development efforts on Oct 1, and was introduced to the KEGS-Ottawa community at the meeting on October 23. He will likely be presenting updates on his efforts at various relevant meetings during his six-month fellowship.

  • KEGS Foundation Fall Mini-Symposium Dec 4: Initial organizing efforts are underway headed by Jean Legault to present an assortment of interesting geophysical talks on Dec 4 (PM) at the UofT ahead of the annual KEGS XMAS party. Details will be circulated as soon as plans and program have crystallized.

  • Fundraising efforts: While the major gift by the Colletts will fund new initiatives, continued donations from concerned individuals and companies are needed to support next year’s regular scholarship awards. Thanks are extended for the recently renewed generous donations by Geosoft and Emeritus Director Doug Fraser. Fundraising activities include intensified efforts to contact many of 250 past scholarship recipients to encourage them to donate to support future students. Individual donors are reminded that they can double the impact of their donation (up to $250 per year) via the pledged support for the continuing matching donation program generously funded by Phoenix Geophysics.


* The KEGS Foundation, a federally chartered Canadian charitable organization (870164340RR0001), acts as trustee for various named geophysical scholarship endowments as well as for the John E. Steers Field School Bursary which is administered by the CMIEF.

Matching Donation Program Initiated

The KEGS Foundation is very pleased to announce the launch of a matching donation program. PDF with full details...

How Students Can Apply

Interested undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a degree in geophysics or a related field at a Canadian college or university are encouraged to apply (preferably by April 30 for the subsequent academic year) by submitting an application to the Foundation. The Foundation Directors, with advice from its counselors, will determine awards on an annual basis. Application Details...

2018 Scholarship Awards

The Directors of the KEGS Foundation are very pleased to announce the awarding of nineteen scholarships totalling nearly $17,000 to twelve undergraduate and seven MSc graduate students in geophysics at eight Canadian universities for the forthcoming academic year (2018/19). See details...

Recent News and Events

Scholarship presentation by Dennis Wood, Dir., to UVic students Erica Owen and Cedar Haneson at KEGS SL.
Recent scholarship presentations and related Foundation events.

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